I am a photographer based out of South Carolina. As an avid outdoors-man, hiker, and backpacker, most of my photography is centered around outdoor recreation and adventure! I also specialize in Real Estate photography, Commercial photography for businesses, and Personal photography for families and individuals. During the week, I live and work from home on beautiful Lake Keowee, SC; but on the weekends, you will usually find me either out on the lake, or hiking the mountains of upstate South Carolina, Western North Carolina, and Tennessee.

My goal with my photography is to tell a story, showcase the natural world in a creative way, and produce imagery that inspires others to get out and experience it as well!

I strongly believe that you can learn a lot about life from being outside. There are times when I am on a trip where there is nothing more that I would rather do than be home on my couch watching TV. But instead, I am out in rain, freezing temperatures, heat etc. pushing myself to complete whatever it was that I set out to complete.


Despite the challenges Mother Nature will inevitably throw at you, if you remember why you set out to achieve your goal and you continue to push through the pain, you will eventually succeed in some way - no matter the barriers you face! This is a lesson that I always try to bring back from the trail and incorporate into my daily life and my photography.


I hope that my work can inspire others to get outside and experience this beautiful world that we live in for themselves. It can really change your life.

- Michael